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238                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

August z8th, 1797.

I stumbled yesterday on the finest inland view

I  ever saw in  my lifeó(you will say I  am like

the cat and the mouse in the fable).   We set off

early to   take   a  long  walk  into   an   unexplored

country,   and   accordingly  stretched   through   the

forest   till   we   reached  the   three   leagues' stone.

There we sat down to our breakfast of bread and

a pear, basking in the sun.     We then wandered

on   the banks   of the   Loire  and   the   Canal  de

Briare, peeped into a grand chateau where Nature

did  much,   and   art   has   undone   everything.    A

large rocky stream runs   through the woods and

gardens,  and the tasty owner has   trained it up

in a triangular pond and a moat round the house,

and for its discharge has placed two horrid falling

mills in the garden, at the edge of the stone head.

We rambled up the high hills that run between

the Seine and Loire, and returned to a full view

of  Moret,   near   an   ancient  mound,  probably of

Roman work.    From thence the view was divine;

the   distant   hills   of   the   Orleannois   bounding

the horizon, the Loire  meandering like a  snake

through a long reach of meadows;   on each side

gentle   eminences   and   villages,   with   clumps   of

poplars; and in a bold semicircle of hills the large